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Clients Stories 
"I feel like I did before I got sick 10 years ago. It’s not even 4 weeks yet, I’m astounded."
“I don’t know if you realise this Ryan but you are literally saving my life. I’m absolutely indebted to you. I feel like I did before I got sick 10 years ago. It’s not even 4 weeks yet, I’m astounded. 

I’ve not had an anti-depressant for a week and feel really happy and confident and totally me again. I can’t bring myself to put another tablet in my body and I’m a whole week medication free for the 1st time in 14 years. This has been my dream and you’ve made it come true. This means so much to me. Thank you.

This time last month, the most I could manage in a whole day was to maybe cook a meal for my children and I felt like I was going to die. Now I’m running around doing chore after chore. Making money selling. Playing with my children. Going out and all in a day. 

My life has transformed and I’m crying while writing this. You’ve made my dreams come true. You’re an amazing person helping us all like this. I will never be able to thank you enough Ryan. You’re an amazing person. 

I’m so excited about doing every step, I can only imagine what’s ahead. My body is getting so strong it’s wonderful to feel my muscles strengthening and mind and emotions balanced. Thank God for you and I mean that. I’ve struggled for so long and now feel I have a life and future ahead of me, and a happy one for my children. 

I’m going all the way and then I’d like you to help my children please. My autistic son and my teenage boy.” 

- Vickey Williams, Blackwood, Wales
"I hope you all have the same life changing experience I had."
"Ryan is a golden needle in a virtual haystack. From the start of my journey with him my comfort level was exactly where I wanted it to be.

 Ryan never once tried to sell me anything, he just wanted to help.

I wish I could give him a 10 star review, but, this letter will have to do.

I hope you all have the same life changing experience I had. Ryan has been an angel on my shoulder and a friend. Ryan is my spirit animal. 
After just 1 month on the program I was laughing at the old me, and embracing the new me. 

Have you ever had that feeling that something is too good to be true, but have been proven wrong? This is the first time in my life I ever had that feeling.   

Over the past few years, I've been searching and praying for a program like Ryan’s and a gentleman like Ryan as a coach. 

Here's the kicker, he's lived it, he's one of us. He's been blessed with a gift, he's helping others with his gift, and he keeps a simple, efficient approach. 

My little girl and I can’t thank you enough Ryan. 

Good luck & God bless fellow Reviver’s on all of your journeys. 

- Chris Davenport, New Jersey, USA
"My Acne Went! Along with weight gain, PCOS had given me acne on my face, chest and back. I’d had it for 7 years. 21 days on the program and it had all cleared up."
"The support and guidance from Ryan was second to none. The top changes for me after the Revive 16 weeks Program were:

1. Weight loss! Ever since being diagnosed with PCOS my weight ballooned and no matter what I tried I couldn’t shift it. After the first 21 days on the Revival program I had dropped 1st 4 pounds and after 4 months I was down to a weight I haven’t been since I was 21. I couldn’t believe it. Every week more weight would fall off. And I wasn’t starving myself, in fact my meal sizes were bigger than before.

2. My Acne Went! Along with weight gain, PCOS had given my acne on my face, chest and back. I’d had it for 7 years. 21 days on the program and it had all cleared up. I was shocked and I did it without expensive creams or lotions.

3. Mental Clarity! Being a Head Mistress I need to be mentally sharp, but over the years the adrenal fatigue started to catch up with me. But now my brain fog has been lifted! My depression is gone, and my anxiety has decreased dramatically.

4.Confidence and Hope! Revive’s program is so empowering, and I now know that I can make the changes and choices that help control my mind and body.

- Angela Euesden, Hertfordshire, England
"No more medication, no more aches and pains, and she looks 10 years younger! She’s also got lots more energy, and, her quality of life is massively improved..."
"I honestly can’t recommend Ryan enough. 

Ryan has helped turn my mum’s life around. I’ve seen my mum go from being riddled with pills prescribed by different doctors for over 30 years, and having such a poor quality of life where she was not able to leave to house, to turning everything on its head. 

No more medication, no more aches and pains, and she looks 10 years younger! She’s also got lots more energy, and her quality of life is massively improved single handedly to Ryan. The results he achieved in 16 weeks, are what consultants, specialists and other doctors couldn’t in years. It’s like I’ve got a new Mum at home. 

Anyone who thinks they’ve tried everything to get better, and hasn’t seen results, needs to call Ryan and try his program. 

It’s well worth the investment.

Ryan, from me and all our family, I can’t thank you enough." 

- Kris McSherry, Glasgow, Scotland

"...People were telling me how much younger I looked, which after battling with my problems for years is so incredible to hear."

Before I started working with Ryan I had constant problems with my digestion and keeping my weight stable.

I had got to my heaviest weight ever of 9 st 2 lbs and I just couldn’t shift it no matter what different diets I tried, other nutritionist I saw, or, even seeing a personal trainer twice a week.

As well as the bloating I had fat around my stomach and arms, which massively affected my confidence, and meant I couldn’t wear the clothes I wanted to wear. I was going through menopause whilst working a stressful job so I thought this is just how it was going to be.

Within no time he had stopped my bloating, and I had dropped down to 8 st 1 lb. More than that though, my mind was clearer, I was much more focused, my memory improved and my energy was through the roof.

People were paying me compliments on my hair, body, skin and the shape I was in. Best of all people were telling me how much younger I looked, which after battling with my problems for years is so incredible to hear.

Looking back I am so glad I took the leap of faith in Ryan and his program. It was and still is the best choice I ever made.  

Thank you Ryan for your continued support and knowledge. You really have changed my view on the body, how to live, and, what to eat.

Anyone struggling with their health shouldn’t hesitate to get this man on board. What I learnt in 16 weeks was incredible.

- Caroline Chenier, East Barnet, England

"Best of all I have better gut health, a leaner body..."
“I’ve had to do several cleanses before Revive’s program to try to get to the root of my gut health issues and the die off symptoms of those programs were very difficult. I did not experience any die off symptoms with Revive’s program.

The meals I learned to make were delicious and I will continue to make them even though I have finished the program.

Best of all I have better gut health, a leaner body, and, I know how to get my health where I want it to be, and how to stay there. 

I recommend this program to people as the last program they will need to do to get their gut balanced and their health restored.

Thanks again Ryan”

- Beth Richardson, Oxford, England 
"I am so happy. I really thought I would never get back to where I am."
"I am going to try and keep this as short as I can but need to get this message out there for people suffering from chronic fatigue.

For the last 18 months, my life had been turned upside down and my quality of life had changed dramatically.

Numerous times I went to the doctors but every time I came out I felt more alone. I managed to control the fatigue to a certain extent but I thought that’s it, I’m going to have this for the rest of my life.

Then I got told about Ryan through a mutual friend. The first time we spoke I knew he could help me. He already had. It was the first time in over a year when explaining to someone how I felt all of the time that someone got it, and started talking to me about it. That made a massive impact on me, and I was determined we could get my old life back.

Once I started the course within 4 or 5 weeks I could see a massive difference and I felt so good. Nothing was too much trouble for Ryan, he was there every day whenever I needed him.

I now feel my quality of life is even better than before. I am so happy. I really thought I would never get back to where I am.

So many people told me I would be stuck with chronic fatigue for the rest of my life, but not Ryan. So I thought I would write this message as a big thanks to Ryan for helping me get my life back.

Anyone who is suffering out there and has been told about Ryan please get in touch.

Sorry for the essay but I hope this helps people." 

- Dave Charmley, Liverpool, UK
"I cannot thank Ryan enough for what he has done for me. He found a solution where everyone else had failed."
"For 17 years, I was bloated, had stomach cramps and nausea every day and regularly had diarrhoea. I had been in and out of hospital with various diagnosis and treatment and was on a cocktail of strong drugs which really weren’t helping in any way. 

My condition affected me both physically and mentally. Some days symptoms were so severe I couldn’t leave the house. It was a struggle every day and I was miserable. I felt like I had exhausted all possibilities, that the medical profession had given up on me and that this was how I was going to have to live for the rest of my life.

Then I met Ryan. His approach is totally different to anyone else’s. His focus is on the gut, and gut health coupled with a whole body approach that looks at the mind as well as the body. 

He is passionate, knowledgeable and understanding and I’m so pleased that I put my trust in him as I couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

After 17 years of problems there was a lot to fix, the program was a tough process but Ryan got me through it and the results more than speak for themselves:-

 • I have lost over 3 stone in weight

 • I am symptom free
 • Take no medication 

 • Can now eat a variety of fruit and vegetables and foods I was unable to eat before

 • Sleep better

 • Have better energy levels

 • Feel in control of my body 

 • Feel healthy

The level of support Ryan provides is second to none. He made himself available when I needed him which added in a layer of support which was essential to get me through the process as some days were hard going. 

It is never a problem to just drop him a line and in fact he chases me if he hasn’t heard from me! 

He treats me and my health as an individual and tailors things specifically for me.

I cannot thank Ryan enough for what he has done for me. He found a solution where everyone else had failed. He never gave up on me where others had walked away. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him. 

- Amiel Gardiner, Berkshire, England 

"My inflammation has completely gone!"
"Since working with Ryan I haven't experienced a break out in inflammation for 7 months. I am not talking about something that was just sore, I'm talking about something that was life altering. 

My feet used to swell up so much that I couldn't put shoes or trainers on. It was so painful I could barely even walk. Imagine that every single trip I'd ever go on. I felt like a 60 or 70 year old man in a young man's body. 

With Ryan's help I was able to understand what was going on, and to change my nutrition over time and I haven't had a break out since. 

One thing I love about Ryan is his integrity. You'll see nutritionists and doctors who don't live by their advice, but Ryan is a guy who lives and breaths his advice. 

Once you hear his back story, and understand he's been through the depths of hell himself with his own health challenges, you'll understand why he's so passionate about helping others get through their health struggles.

If you have any health issue, whether it be inflammation like I did, gut issues, diabetes or chronic fatigue, and you want to get better, then you should reach out to Ryan. 

I have referred several friends of mine to Ryan as well. 

One of my friends had a brain tumour removed and Ryan was the first person I pushed him towards. 

I had another friend who had IBS and he started to work with Ryan and he's never had an incident since. 

Another friend of mine had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome where even 15 minutes of training would completely wipe him out, and he's now fully recovered thanks to Ryan. 

If there's ever a health issue you have, or a challenge you have, I recommend you go to Ryan Martin.

Don't give up on hope like I had. 

If you are frustrated with going to doctors, getting blood tests, and people telling you there's nothing wrong (when clearly there is!) or if you're sick of taking pain killers and medication that do nothing but mask symptoms and make the issue worse, then honestly Ryan is your man.

Book a call with him now. It'll be the best thing you do." 

- Chris Brown, Liverpool, UK

"Just in case you haven’t heard - I’m a new man now!!"
Neil had been suffering with severe diabetes for 20 years, and when he first came to us his blood sugar levels were off the charts at 19.9.

He also had terrible skin issues, huge anxiety, depression, and low energy.

In short, he was in a bit of a pickle.

It’s always humbling meeting such inspiring people who keep their minds open and take to a change in lifestyle, and thinking, like a duck to water.

It’s even more inspirational when it’s a person who is at a later age in their life, and this change goes against everything they’ve ever been taught for more than 70years.

Well, I am happy to say nowadays he is a completely different man, but I’ll let him tell you all about that himself.

Here is his story, from illness to health.

Over to Neil...

-Neil Calland, 70, Deal, England 

"My quality of life has gone from zero to one hundred!"
As our business is online, and we have clients all over the world, I don’t always get to meet my clients face to face, so when I do it’s always fantastic.

Sally’s story of living a life with chronic illness, debilitating pain and taking 40 medications daily, to joining our program, and achieving health & happiness, is heart warming.

It was a pure joy to meet her, and to see how far she’d come in a matter weeks after decades of illness.

Her story from illness to health is an inspiring one that you can hear above.

I’m just grateful I got to be part of her journey.

- Sally McSherry, 58, Glasgow, Scotland
"Ryan's program literally changed my life"
When Chris came to us he wanted to be himself again. 

Being an owner of 3 businesses had left him emotionally stressed, and, completely exhausted. This had lead to his health had beginning to suffer. 

He had started to get alopecia and his hair had begun to shed. 

He had been diagnosed with hypothyroidism. 

He had started to get constant gut issues such as gas and bloating that were affecting his day to day life. 

On top of that he had put on some extra pounds that he was finding hard to shift around his body and face. 

All in allhe felt like an old man in a young man's body, and, he wanted to get his health back, as well as having a good work/life balance. 

Being a busy business man he also wanted a program that was easy to follow and sustainable. 

I knew that our Total Health Reset Program would be perfect for him. 

Fast forward 16 weeks and you can see, and, hear the results of how Chris feels and looks for yourself.

Over to Chris...

- Chris Perrilli, New York, USA
"I've got more energy, my body no longer hurts, and I've gone back to my dance classes, which makes me really happy."
When Eloise came to us she was suffering from the repercussions of Lyme's disease. 

She had very little energy, she was struggling with her balance, her moods were unpredictable, she'd gained a little body fat and her sleep was broken. 

Listen in as Eloise explains how our program helped her through her health struggles and constant suffering, and how she has finally returned to living the life she enjoys so much and feels herself again.

Take it away Eloise...

- Eloise Lipkin, London, England 
"My skin is better, my mental alertness is better, I'm sleeping better, but more than that, I am feeling better about myself."
"I've lost weight that I didn't even know I had to lose which has made my life easier. I have taken up hobbies now that i wasn't able to do before because I can move better. 

There's been massive positive effect on what I wanted to get fixed, which was my gut health and inflammation in my fingers, but there's also been tertiary effects that have been productive in my lifestyle as well.

"If you want to be healthier, happier, more alert for the rest of your life, because what Ryan does educates you as well, and get all the resources and support you need too, then you'd be crazy not to do it."

- Gary Rothwell, Rochdale, England 
A Quick Overview Of The Program
It's important to know that we are not for everybody. If you view us as 'nice to have' but not 'need to have' then we probably aren't for you. 

We deal with people who have long-term chronic health issues who are desperate to change their circumstances so they can start living life on their own terms. 

When it comes to food...

There's NO calorie counting, NO portion control, NO eating less and NO fad diet approaches.

My organic whole food approach offers no gimmicks, and no guilt. You will learn to eat whole foods that soothe and restore your gut, give you clearer skin, increase your mental clarity and heal your body from the inside out.

We will make you feel ENERGISED.

You will strategically eliminate foods that sabotage your health such as gluten, dairy, unhealthy fats, and processed sugars through a tried and tested process. We will have you transform and help you see REAL RESULTS.

This is not a fad diet plan, this is thorough, holistic health, and if you work hard you will achieve excellent results.

At Revive we concentrate on health over look, and once you're healthy you will not only look great, but you will feel great too. 

Having said that, nutrition is only one part of what we do. 

It is time to TAKE CONTROL of your symptoms and get to the root cause of your problem.

At Revive, we take a holistic approach to health. We have 4 key areas of focus:

Exercise & movement,
Mental & emotional
No singular area is more important than another, and they all need to work together to make you the best that you can be.

Because the goal is for this to be a sustainable and maintainable shift that you enjoy and get impactful results from, for years to come, you must understand this is a process and that healing is never linear. This is where 'fad diet' approaches and medication fail 100% of the time and they make a long-term solution less likely AND they're just not necessary for drastically improved health. 

Most of my clients see huge changes in their health within the first few weeks. Some have stopped the progression of, or reversed, chronic diseases in days. For others it takes longer. You must remember you are unique, and your results and the length of time it takes your body to respond will be unique to you. 

However, if you stick with the principles in the program, your body will respond. 

The clients that are the best fit for the program (and get these results)...

- have a chronic health issue that is significantly impacting their day to day life
- they have tried the conventional root of medication, and maybe other health practices and they have failed 
- are highly motivated to make a change (needing accountability is just fine)
- will take direction, show-up, ask questions and PRIORITISE our time together.

I work with you as your Nutritionist and Health Coach. We connect as frequently as you need to be successful during our time together. This is done primarily through voice notes, but you'll also have access to me on my mobile and we can set up a call whenever you need me for support, a quick answer, accountability or anything to make this transition more successful and enjoyable for you.

Here's the structure we'll go through together (I can't give you the exact process because all our programs are tailored to the individuals needs). You don't fit into a box, so your program shouldn't put you in one either...
The Programs 5 Principles
Mental & Emotional Healing 

All health starts in the mind, and without the mind being healthy the body can't follow. As a holistic entity everything we do affects everything else. Put simply, your mental state effects your physical state and vice versa. 

Along with physical symptoms many of us are storing long-term negative mental and emotional feelings inside that are negativity impacting our health. This negative energy does not only affect our thoughts and actions but it can put stress on our digestive system which leads to digestive distress, skin issues and other chronic problems.  

When you're ill you can feel as though you are trapped in a nightmare, and, whenever your nightmare is bigger than your dream that is where you will stay, trapped.  We will spend time building you a route out of your nightmare, towards your goals and dreams. Throughout out program you will be performing many different exercises to improve your mental and emotional health every day.  
Detoxification & Terrain Modifaction

Each day we are exposed to an overwhelming amount of toxins. Toxins lodge in cells, tissues, and muscles and completely overwhelm the body. But did you know that toxins also accumulate in each successive generation? That means many of the toxins in your body were inherited from toxins stored in the cells of your parents!

Today, almost every fetus (human and animal) is inundated with toxins. In fact, one study showed over 200 chemicals in umbilical cords that can cause cancer, brain damage, birth defects, and other serious illness.

So, whether you feel great and just want to live a more vibrant life or are trying to heal a chronic condition, the first step is cleansing these toxins!

Cleansing is nature’s way of assisting the body to find balance. While there are many effective cleanse kits and programs, the simplest way to cleanse is to change your diet. Revive's Principe of Detoxification, the most important principle in my mind, teaches that eating healthier foods will strengthen your body and recharge it – that energy will automatically begin the cleansing process.

Cleansing will not only create energy, it also leads to healthier hair, skin, and nails, builds the immune system, increases your sense of well being, reduces your sugar cravings, digestive issues, and joint pain, enhances libido, regulates sleep, and slows the aging process.

Building Your Unique Nutrition Plan

We are as different on the inside as we are on the outside. That means there would be no point of giving you the same diet plan as someone else. 

After we have detoxified and cleansed your body and improved your internal terrain will will start to build out a diet regime that is unique to you and your needs. We will teach you how to listen to your body, the signals it sends you, and what these mean. 

A specific and unique eating plan optimised to your goals and  and unique situation, is also extremely important because unless it's designed around your lifestyle it'll rarely work, especially long-term.

Movement That Heals

Most people that have a chronic illness don't even have enough energy to heal, let alone perform strenuous exercise. 

Your body doesn't have an infinite amount of energy - or what the daoist call chi - so if you are dealing with a chronic disease, and you are still trying to workout and exercise like a healthy person, or, you are rushing around after everyone else, then prepare to feel utterly exhausted all of the time. 

However, there are exercises and movements that you can perform to increase your body's life force energy - or chi . We call these 'Working In' exercises. 

We will teach you how to perform these exercises and we will make them part of your day to day life, (don't worry they take no more than 10 minutes so even if you are extremely busy you will have the time to fit them in), so instead of feeling dead on your feet, you'll have an abundance of energy that you've never felt before.    


We don't do 'diets' because diets by their very nature have an end point. Instead we teach you how to get healthy, and then how to stay healthy. We will immerse you in all things natural health so not only will you be feeling better than ever, but, you'll have the knowledge to keep getting healthier every day, week, month and year to come. Remember this is a process, and you will learn to understand that you can deal with anything life throws in the way. This system is here to make life easier for you, not harder. 

We deal with people from every profession, including people that are always traveling, and, those who work long hours. If that's you then don't worry, our program has been tailor made so that no matter where you are in the world, or if you are working most of the day, it's easy to follow and maintain. 
Client Stories Continued...
"Hi Ryan, you've transformed my eating habits, I've dropped a dress size and I'm entirely aware of what is good for my body and what is not. I haven't felt this good in years. I was finally able to step on the scales without worrying what i would show. I have lost over a stone and a half and I wasn't even trying. I've lost inches in all my measurements and it's all down to eating the right way. The biggest things for me were breaking bad habits, including getting rid of junk food, and not feeling tired all the time. This program is absolutely brilliant - I'm loving it." 

- Sara Cywinski 32, Wanstead, England
"I'm feeling great. I'm really on top of things. Not only is my hair filling in but the constant headaches of always thinking about the alopecia patches has stopped. Plus my skin is clear and my energy is through the roof. It's all positive. "

- Tom Frame, Jersey, UK

"Even though our business is crazy busy I'm feeling so positive. We've had a few problems to say the least but I'm taking them all in my stride. My mind feels clear and my energy is great. I'm a different person. All down to you." 

- Kerstin Cotterill, Chester, England
"Hi Ryan, I've been feeling well today and yesterday. My tummy is amazing and I've been going for a number 2 every day since starting with you which for me is a bloody miracle. My energy is better and I'm starting to feel good again. I'm losing weight too which is a bonus." 

-Vickey Williams, Blackwood, Wales

"Hey Ryan, I had a dermatology appointment after avoiding last months. 1 year ago after having horrendous and torturous urticaria vasculitis from a very toxic body I was on 19 tablets a day to try and keep it at bay, and the doctors told me I would probably be on them for the next 5 - 10 years. When I started this program I was still on 6 tablets a day with some flare ups, but now my skin is great. I stopped all the tablets myself. The consultant said they would see me in 3 months and if no vasculitis i will be discharged. They are so surprised at how well my skin is looking. What an improvement!!! Not the 5 - 10 years I anticipated! Thank you." 

- Sherryn Mulligan, Lisburn

(Pictures Below) 

"Ryan it is an absolutely brilliant thing. People cannot get over how well I look. Yes they keep mentioning the weight loss, but, then they keep saying how well and healthy I look. This has boosted my confidence so much. Gary thinks he has a new wife in every aspect of life. I'm so happy."

- Wendy Gracey, Barn Bridge, N. Ireland
Will this actually work for me? Will I lose weight? 
The only thing certain in this life are death and taxes. Having said that as you can see from the testimonials and messages on this page we have a very high success rate. At Revive, we always want to have a call with you first to see if/how we can help you and to see if you are a good fit for our programs. However, in all cases, your success largely depends on how much effort you are willing to put in. The more open minded and committed you are, the better your results will be. Remember that everybody is different and progresses at different speeds.
As for whether you will lose weight, yes you probably will. This is just a happy side effect of getting healthy, and your body finding it's natural weight. In fact the vast majority of our clients see significant weight loss. However, I want you to remember that we don't do weight loss programs at Revive. We do health regeneration programs. The truth is you can look good and not be healthy, but, when you are healthy, you will always look good.   
What if I am busy and travel a lot? Can I successfully lose weight and improve my health?
Yes you can. Many of our clients are extremely busy. We have clients from many different professions. We help everyone from entrepreneurs to lawyers, business owners to doctors, PA's to brick layers. All of whom work long, and, often hard hours. If that's you, don't worry. We will fit your healing around your lifestyle. There's many tips and practices we will put into place. In fact, many of our clients remark that they can't believe how simple it is to integrate our approach into their life, and how it becomes a lifestyle. Thats the key takeaway though, it's a lifestyle. It's a lifestyle and we teach you how to implement in into your every day life so you can get well, and stay well. 
What if I have more than one chronic condition?
The best thing to do it book a consultation (it's free) and, I'll let you know if I think I can help you or not considering your unique situation. I will always be honest with you. 
I've helped clients 
 - reverse type II diabetes, chronic fatigue/M.E., gut issues, skin issues, 
 - stop the progression of advanced heart disease and MS, 
 - highly reduced Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis pain, 
 - lose life threatening weight 

and a lot more. The truth is - you can't heal the body of one illness and another one stay. You can only have health or disease, but not both. So when you start to give the body what in needs in order to heal and be healthy, all of the body starts to respond. In almost all cases, eating optimally and living by holistic principles helps everyone on their health journey.
Do you have a guarantee?
I guarantee that reward doesn't come without risk or investment. I guarantee that if you continue down the path that you may be on, or take the wrong or long path (again), you'll continue to be stuck, or that health improvements may be very slow. When I was going through my health crisis for 5 years, and finally found my mentor, I couldn't wait to hire him and get well again. I followed his advice and I've never had a health issue ever again.  This led to me traveling around the world, investing a lot of time and money, learning from the best practitioners and healers. I've put all that knowledge into my programs. Most of my clients  have tried doctors, consultants, "specialists", and even other nutritionists and health coaches, who have all failed many times over, before finding me and my work. My clients will tell you that if they hadn't invested in us to help them get results as safely and quickly as possible, then, they would still be stuck where they were, in pain, frustrated, and a shell of their former selves.  
How do I know this isn't a scam?
I respect this question because I'd never want you, or, anyone to lose money to a scam. Have we spoken on the phone yet? You can learn a lot about a persons character by having a long conversation (which I'm happy to do) with them. Then, listen to your gut.  
Also, does what you've learned from me make sense? Do you understand how it could work and actually help you? You shouldn't ever invest in anything you don't understand, and you need to know how it could actually help you progress in life.  
Lastly, look at the testimonials from my clients on this page. These are real clients, real people who've worked with me personally, to get life changing results.
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DISCLAIMER: The results stated on this page and discussed in the above training are from results achieved from actual clients and from research studies (in the training). Please understand these results are most typical for people who have a chronic illness and who fully commit to the program. We’re not suggesting that you’ll duplicate them. The average person who buys “how to” information gets little to no results. We’re using these references for example purposes only. Your results will vary and depend on many factors including but not limited to your current starting point, commitment, motivation, medical history, medication you are taking etc. All serious and sustainable health improvement involves consistent effort and action. If you’re not willing to accept that, please DO NOT book a consultation.